Rape Culture, Tips To Beat It And Promote A Healthy Society

Rape isn’t something you would wish on your worst enemy. It is a traumatizing ordeal that strips victims of their dignity. Unfortunately, rape culture doesn’t understand the level of brokenness in people who have gone through this injustice. Society has constantly normalized rape, making it something familiar. The existing ignorance about gender inequalities is the first cause of such occurrences. Additionally, the misconception about gender and sexuality makes it worse. By highlighting these two aspects, you can start a successful campaign against rape culture.

Do not shy away from tackling topics relating to the root causes of rape. A society driven towards assuming the victim should bear responsibilities instead of the perpetrator is on the way to failure. A man doesn’t need to prove he is strong by being violent against a woman. Factors like sobriety, mode of dressing, and sexuality are all irrelevant factors. Victim blaming does not make the situation better in any way. Refuse to objectify women due to their lifestyle choices. Set in place zero-tolerance policies on sexual violence. For every atrocity committed, the culprit should go through the full punishments. It should be in schools, work, and social places. Invest in educating both women and men about such aspects in-depth.

Redefining masculinity with feminist principles can also work magic. Change the directions and let men learn to appreciate and respect women rather than associating them with numerous non-existent flaws. Teach and learn more about the rape culture. You can only beat it once you have an in-depth understanding of the situation. Understand the history, where it is currently, and the jeopardy it can use if you continue brewing it. Knowledge is the only way to battle this predicament. Lend a listening ear to rape survivors and invest in them if possible. Get together with charitable organizations to offer donations and training. A well-educated society is society ready to counter anything related to rape culture.

This article is written by one of the members of Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning.