Survivors Eradicating Rape Culture‘s (SERC) mission is to center the experiences and needs of the most marginalized survivors to change cultural norms and stop gender-based violence before it happens.


SERC aims to stop sexual violence before it happens by eliminating the root causes of sexual violence. We believe that we can only stop gendered violence by focusing on changing the institutions and beliefs that enable and perpetuate sexual violence. Through the use of strategic education and advocacy, SERC aims to create a world in which organizations like ours are obsolete: a world free of sexual violence in the following ways:

  • Advocatefor a survivor-led and survivor-centered movement. As individuals closest to the issue, It is mandatory that survivors are included, uplifted, and heard.
  • Educatethe public about the reality of sexual violence. Only by changing hearts and minds can we endwidespread misconceptions that plague our societies.
  • Bringthe most marginalized and silenced survivors to the center of anti-rape work. The individuals most harmed by rape culture are the most ignored. This must end.
  • Usegrassroots and political action to create justice for survivors. Justice looks different for every survivor and they deserve a fighting chance at receiving it.

“We want institutional accountability to be the norm, not the exception.”


Our origin

The word “eradicate” reflects both our goal and our method: to end gender-based violence by focusing on dismantling its root causes. That is the only way we can end rape — by advocating for change that stops it before it happens.

SERC’s commitment to ending sexual violence before it starts is aptly reflected in the definition and origins of the word “eradicate.”