University of Tennessee: #JustSaySorry


Watch Kamilah read a statement from University of Tennessee campus sexual assault survivor "Kay" and burn Kay's school sweatshirt on her behalf.

Kay's assailant was merely suspended from University of Tennessee after the school found him responsible for sexually assaulting her. Kay appealed the decision, seeking expulsion so that she would be able to finish her own education without the fear of running into her rapist on campus, but her appeal was denied. Sadly, Kay is one of many sexual assault survivors who feel that they are not taken seriously by their schools.

The most upsetting part is that for me this sanction says ‘this happened to you, we know this happened to you, we just don’t value you enough to do the right thing about it.’ And that’s unfortunate because I’m worth valuing.
— "Kay" from University of Tennessee

We think University of Tennessee owes Kay and all campus sexual assault survivors better policies, meaningful sexual assault adjudication procedures and outcomes, and, of course, an apology. University of Tennessee: #JustSaySorry.

If you agree that Kay and all sexual assault survivors are worth valuing and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, please share this video and voice your support for our demands that colleges and universities #JustSaySorry for failing survivors of sexual assault.