A picture's worth a thousand words — send us one!

SURVIVORS AND ALLIES:  Take a photo of yourself with a sign displaying "#JustSaySorry" and email it to us at justsaysorry@eradicaterape.org. Submissions will be featured on the #JustSaySorry website and social media. Make sure to include in your email:

  • Your name (or however you’d like to be identified, e.g. “Anonymous” or “Chris V.”)

  • The name of the school(s) you want to apologize and your affiliation, e.g. student, alum, or parent

  • A brief statement (optional)

We also welcome and encourage photos of you burning or preparing to burn a symbolic item! Just please do not send more than 3 photos per submission. NOTE: while some survivors or allies may want to share their own personal stories, there is absolutely no pressure to do so. General messages in support of #JustSaySorry are valuable as well! So please only share as much or as little as you are comfortable with. 

Support #JustSaySorry demands & make your own on social media

  • Demand an apology from your school, your alma mater or your child's school on social media using the hashtag #JustSaySorry. Tag the school to make sure they see it, and make sure the post is public so that others can see it, too!


  • Support others' demands for apologies. Like, sign, and share #JustSaySorry posts and petitions from Wagatwe, Kamilah, and other survivors and allies! 

Put your money where your mouth is!

Parents and alumni: withhold donations to your school! 

Post a video or picture of yourself with a check addressed to a school you’re affiliated with (make sure you black out your personal information). Explain why you’re withholding this potential donation, and demand an apology using #JustSaySorry. Don't forget to make the post public if you want others in the movement to see your demand!


“I am not donating to [Occidental College] until the school demonstrates its commitment to improving the way it responds to sexual violence, beginning with an apology for its record of mishandling the issue and failing survivors in its community. [President Veitch], #JustSaySorry.”

(replace bracketed text with school name and the name of its president or an appropriate administrator)

Optional: Then burn the check  and donate instead to one of the many nonprofits that work to improve the lives of survivors.