Survivors of campus gender-based violence and allies demand apologies from the institutions that failed them.

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About #JustSaySorry


When it comes to campus responses to sexual violence, we're hard pressed to think of a single school that is “getting it right.” Although we’ve seen some progress in recent years, our colleges and universities have been getting it wrong for a very long time. No one can deny that. So why do none of them admit it? Why has only one university president in all of the U.S. acknowledged that his school has let down students in the way it’s handled sexual assault and publicly apologized for it?


The week of August 8th, 2016 Survivors Eradicating Rape Culture co-founders Wagatwe Wanjuki and Kamilah Willingham took to social media to demand apologies from their former institutions for how they handled their sexual assaults. #JustSaySorry was an instant hit both with survivors and allies betrayed by their institutions. Some survivors even performed their own burnings in solidarity! 

Every week, Wagatwe and Kamilah will continue to burn items to reiterate their demands for an apology. Read on for more information about why this campaign is necessary and how you can get involved.


"Remembering and telling the truth about terrible events are both prerequisites for the restoration of the social order and for the healing of the individual victims." 

— Judith Herman, MD. Trauma and Recovery


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